Onsite Printing Cylinder Repairs to Rotary Printing Presses


Robert March Hoe invented the rotary printing press in the mid 19th century. Since the first presses were manufactured technology has progressed,  incorporating electrical power to run them, but the principle way in which they function is much the same.  Normal rotary printing presses work by passing the material or paper to be printed upon (the substrate) between 2 drums that rotate. One of the drums is partly immersed in ink and this is the drum on which the image to be printed will have been applied. The image can either be curved around the drum or a specially engraved plate attached to it. A doctor blade removes excess ink from the drum as it rotates toward the substrate. The impression cylinder then presses the substrate against the inked drum to effect the transfer.

Expert engineers

Understanding how print machinery works is essential for repairing parts and Saras Process engineers specialise in onsite repairs to printing cylinders that have been damaged through age, human error or corrosion. We are able to keep the most modern or ancient types of machinery running.

The benefits of an onsite printing cylinder repairs service cannot be understated. Rapid repairs and refurbishment to printing cylinders save money with limited downtime and no necessity to transport machinery elsewhere.


With regular checks potential problems with print cylinders can be identified and prevented. In an industry where time is everything with tight deadlines, can you afford not to invest in such a service?

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