Wave machine

A manufacturer of wave generators had a problem with scoring of an actuator ram when fitting new seals.  Saras were called upon to effect a selective plating repair to fill in the scores to prevent leakage of oil, ensuring a sealed hydraulic system.  The repair was an interesting job for the Saras operator as the wave machine was on water tied up to a dock.  Likewise the same repair was recently carried out on a ram operating a road swing bridge spanning the river Hull.

Diesel engine

A customer of a major diesel engine manufacturer damaged a bearing seat when changing a set of bearing shells.  The incorrect fitting resulted in the scoring of the bearing seat and removal of further metal, which would not allow the true ‘bedding’ of the shell.  Saras were called upon to repair the damaged areas on site at the GNPOC pipeline south of Khartoum, South Sudan.  A Saras operator was despatched along with a full set of Saras Process equipment and solutions to repair the damage with electroplate and hand dressing and finishing to the correct bearing seat contours allowing the bearing shell to fully ‘bed in’.

Deep sea diving bell

When refurbishing a slip ring assembly unit used for the communication from the surface mother ship to a deep sea diving bell the contractor was faced with having the 98 individual slip rings re-silver plated.  As only the outer diameter required silver plating Saras was sourced to complete the work.  The slip rings were set up on a special jig and the loose and flaking silver plate was removed prior to pre-treatment and silver plating to a pre-determined finished drawing size.

Pipeline inspection equipment

The servicing and repair of certain types of gas and oil pipeline inspection equipment housed in electroless nickel plated bodies can be problematic for the repairers, as damage will allow corrosion to penetrate the nickel and affect the sealing faces.  These Companies contact Saras to repair the seal faces by removal of the damaged nickel plate and corrosion and re-plating to fill in the damaged areas and final nickel plating to the seal diameter or seal face dimensions.  Without the Saras service these Companies would be faced with the complete stripping of the electroless nickel plate and re-machining the sealing areas, which would result in the re-manufacture of the mating part and the complete electroless nickel plating of the body.  Alternatively they would have to source a complete new body to house the complex inspection equipment.

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