SARAS provides the "Metal on Metal" electroplating service to a wide range of industries.

What is the SARAS "Metal on Metal" Process?

SARAS is a metal plating process that adds metals and alloys to existing components simply, quickly and cost effectively. Unlike bath plating the process is selective, only the areas for treatment are processed and being portable the processing can be carried out on-site at home or abroad.

How does the SARAS "Metal on Metal" process differ from traditional Electroplating and what are the advantages?

The process produces metallurgically perfect deposits to exacting tolerances by the use of an ampere minute process control. The process can be used with electrolyte solutions for more than 20 metals and precious metals and some 10 alloy solutions. SARAS does not produce noxious fumes and has no toxic effects in correct use.

Pre or after machining is eliminated and there are no edge build ups. SARAS plates only where the electrode touches, therefore little masking is required. It is a cold process, there is no heat and therefore no distortion and it does not cause embrittlement. How can SARAS benefit users? There is no re-setting of machines during repair, no deterioration of finished machined components and all components are plated back to specification. As there is no pre-machining there is no weakening of components.

This process can build metal on all types of stock including:- cast iron and steel, stainless steel, hardened steels, steel forgings, refractory metals, electroless nickel, chrome plating etc.

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