Replace or Repair Printing Machinery? Which is Best?


In fast-paced manufacturing industries, where production never stops, a breakdown can result in huge problems and delays to the business. In these circumstances, how do you make the decision as to whether it will be more cost and time effective to replace or to repair printing machinery?

Taking into consideration the age and condition of the machinery is of primary importance. Unless a component has come to the end of its lifespan, the option to refurbish should always be considered.

Printing Cylinders

These are usually damaged by various consumables, Allen keys and screws with lower area problems produced by jamming sheets. SARAS refurbishment programme can make repairs to edges that have broken away or been cracked as a result of severe impact. This process involves welding onsite, grinding the cylinder level and completing with SARAS plating to the initial surface of the cylinder.

Corrosion on cylinders can also be rectified by a similar process, to remove any surface rust by mechanical means, a rust inhibitor is provided prior to plating back to its prime state.

SARAS Process are also able to carry out a refurbishment programme to Ceramic Rollers, Chrome Rollers, Corona Treater Rolls, Draw Rollers and Idler rollers used in the handling of hot plastic, adhesives and sticky materials.


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