Onsite Printing Cylinder Repairs Keep Presses Running 24-7


The benefits of having an onsite Printing Cylinder repairs cannot be underestimated in an industry where time is of the essence and missing deadlines is not an option.

Printing presses such as Heidelberg, Mitsubishi, Ryobi and KBA, to name a few, are an expensive investment and with excellent maintenance can last a lifetime. Before considering replacement, repair is the most economical route to take no matter how old the machine may be.

Mechanical and human error

One of the most common repairs is to printing cylinders, sometimes due to corrosion but more often due to mechanical or human error.  Jamming of sheets running through and the dropping of tools into the lower area, causing damage on impact, are the usual culprits. Most Printing Cylinder repairs can be carried out on site including welding, removal of surface corrosion, treating with corrosion inhibitors, grinding and then plating to finish the job off. SARAS refurbishment programme restores cylinders back to optimum condition.

For a print works, on site cylinder repairs decrease down time and ensure that machines run seamlessly 24/7.  Those using these services are fully aware of the benefits since in the printing industry, like so many others nowadays, time is money and deadlines have to be met.

The question has to be asked, for those who don’t use an onsite printing cylinder repair service – how can you afford not to?

Onsite Refurbishment Services

SARAS Process Ltd offer onsite Printing Cylinder repairs and refurbishment services for all rollers including Ceramic and Chrome used in adhesive and hot plastic environments.

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