Chromium Plating Repairs and Maintenance


One of the hardest metals on the planet is chromium which is one of the reasons chromium plating is the process of choice for a huge spectrum of everyday items and machine parts.  Chromium plating protects against rust and impact damage and the process has been around for centuries. Notably Chinese sabres, swords and armour that date back to around 206BC have survived to the present day in perfect condition, corrosion free, due to their chromium plating.

Electroplating chrome over nickel and other metals

Chrome finishing is often applied over nickel plating to make a component or utensil more durable, corrosion resistant and aesthetically appealing.  Chrome finish was highly popular for car bumpers at one time before the advent of plastic coating.  And of course, vintage cars and motorbikes still proudly display the chrome finished parts of yesteryear. Nowadays it can be found on tools, moulds, dies, machine parts, taps and a host of kitchen appliances including kettles, toasters and saucepans to name a few.

However, despite being extremely hard, chromium is also porous depending on the environment it is in.  In moist or salty conditions it can rust and for this reason it functions better when it is clean and dry.  Chromium that is cleaned and polished will last for many years.

How to clean chrome

The best way to stop chrome corroding is to make sure the component or item is wiped down if it gets wet and then polish it with wax. A good quality car wax is all that is needed to reduce the risk of corrosion.

To fully clean chromium plating, use soapy water and a soft fibre cloth to remove residual dirt. For places that are difficult to access, use a soft bristle toothbrush to reach them.  Rinse off the soap and dry with a clean cloth of air blower.

Onsite Chromium plating repairs

In the event that physical damage has been caused to chrome plating, it can be re-plated after the rust has been removed and the component repaired. Saras Process can, in most cases, perform this task on site.

Chromium plating repairs is just one of many repair and finishing services we offer. Among others are Common, Precious and Alloy metal plating solutions.

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