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Printing Applications


Saras can repair damages to printing cylinders caused by screws, allen keys, ball bearing damage due to break up of damper bearings, low areas caused by sheet jams and lock-up edges damaged by mis-aligned grippers.

Deep damages or edges that have been cracked or broken away due to harsh impact are first welded on-site, ground level and finally Saras plated to the original contours of the cylinder.

Corroded cylinders can also be re-furbished.  After mechanically removing any surface rust these are first treated to suppress the corrosion using a proprietary Saras inhibitor and then plated back to the original cylinder surface dimensions.

All repairs can be carried out on all types of presses from single colour sheet fed to multi unit litho presses, web presses, flexographic presses and drums, cylinders and calendar bowls for the extrusion, coating, metallizing, laminating and converting industries.

The repairs are carried out on customer premises without the removal of cylinders and the only strip down being the removal of guards and trays where necessary.