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Engineering Applications

The Saras process can be used for many different applications in the Engineering industry such as:

  • Reclaiming to drawing tolerances¬†over machined or worn bearing journals, coupling diameters and bearing housings.
  • Keyways and slots.
  • Reconditioning tools and gauges.
  • Repair to moulds and dies.
  • Copper and tin plating to prevent carburising and nitriding.
  • Tin and silver plating to prevent fretting corrosion and gauling.
  • Tin-lead plating of white metal bearings to aid ‘bedding’ and ‘running in’.
  • Tin and silver plating of copper and aluminium bus bars and electrical contacts.
  • Tin-lead plating to aid solder applications.
  • Re-work of defective electroplate including electroless nickel plate.
  • Removal of tin/lead solder splash on printed circuit board edge connectors.
  • Gold plating edge connectors.
  • Repairs to scored and damaged sealing areas and faces.